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Underground Rehabilitation & CIPP

The Trenchless Rehabilitation Division of Pleasants Construction, Inc. provides our clients with high quality “no dig” solutions for their buried assets.  Our services include:

  • Installation of Reline America’s Alphaliner. a spirally wound fiberglass reinforced full composite cured-in-place pipe using ultraviolet light.
  • Cleaning of storm drain and sanitary sewer pipes
  • CCTV (videoing of pipes)
  • Cleaning of storm water management structures
  • And other related services

Pleasants Construction is a certified installer of Reline America’s Alphaliner. Alphaliner is superior pipe renewal technology utilizing glass fiber reinforcing and is cured with exposure to ultraviolet light. Alphaliner is an environmentally friendly cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) trenchless technology used to rehabilitate damaged storm drain and sanitary sewer pipes that are damaged, leaking or have reached its expected lifespan. Alphaliner can be used to line pipes ranging in size from 6” up to 80” in diameter. It is able to accommodate pipes of various shapes and will work with any type of pipe no matter of the material it is made from (RCP, CMP, PVC, DIP, TC, Clay). Pleasants Construction is pleased to be teamed up with Reline America since they are the only company that manufactures both the liner and curing equipment in the United States of America. Pleasants is proud to be an OBIC certified installer – a line of products that repair, rehabilitate, and restores underground infrastructure. The OBIC system is an environmentally friendly spray-in-place lining coating system that rehabilitates aging water and waste water systems.

Over 16 million feet has been installed in more than 50 countries and over 3.2 million feet has been installed in the United States of America. UV CIPP is rapidly becoming the CIPP technology of choice!