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The Pleasants Way

Our Company Culture: The Pleasants Way

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The Pleasants Way

The Pleasants Way describes the behaviors, principles, and practices that are the foundation of our unique culture. It explains how we relate to our customers, each other, and even our vendors and suppliers. It’s who we are, and it’s what drives our extraordinary success.

What is Company Culture?

Simply put, culture is the DNA of the Pleasants Organization. Our shared values, goals, attitudes, and practices characterize our workplace. It is reflected in how our valued employees behave, interact with each other and make decisions. The Pleasants Way affects everything we do.

What is a Culture Fit?

Culture fit refers to how compatible employees are with a company’s culture, goals, and values. Candidates who are a good cultural fit possess essential hard and soft skills that complement other employees within the Pleasants Organization.

What is a Fundamental?

Fundamentals are behaviors that are well defined and transparent to all employees within The Pleasants Organization. Over the nearly 60 years the Pleasants Organization has been in business, our founding fathers created the 32 Fundamentals that define our behaviors and drive our actions.

The 32 Fundamentals that Define The Pleasants Way – View them here