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Quality Control & Lab


Pleasants Paving is dedicated to providing high quality asphalt at a competitive price. In order to accomplish this goal we maintain and staff a full service lab on-site for quality control purposes. This lab is a standalone building employing experienced employees, many with professional designations. These designations allow them to certify results of all tested product. Recently the lab received AMRL accreditation. AMRL accreditation is one of the most sought after designations in our industry. View the AMRL certificate here.

Although our Quality Control Department is headquartered in Frederick, we are actively engaged in on site testing as well, consistently visiting projects on a regular basis. Our employees take density readings and core samples behind the paver mix samples on site. We also have special vehicles equipped with sophisticated laser profilometer equipment utilized to record smoothness information for each project that requires minimum standards. Our Quality Control personnel are an integral part of our operation, both at our Plant, lab, and jobsite.

At our asphalt facility, the Quality Control Department diligently monitors the mix composition as well as the specific materials utilized to manufacture the product. Asphalt samples are delivered from our silos to our lab daily during the peak season. Our Plant is equipped with state of the art equipment monitored by our seasoned staff. Pleasants Paving’s Quality Control Department works hand in hand with our Plant personnel to produce our high quality award winning asphalt.

The Maryland State Highway Department inspects and approves our facility on a regular basis, ensuring we produce only the highest quality asphalt. Pleasants Paving has been approved to supply and install asphalt for Maryland State Highway projects, as well as Counties and Municipalities across the State. The Department of Weights and Measures certifies our weighing equipment, ensuring we consistently meet or exceed all requirements. Pleasants Paving has earned the necessary approvals, licenses and designations in order to conduct business in the State of Maryland.