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Soil Stabilization & Soil Modification


Pleasants Construction specializes in Soil Stabilization & Soil Modification. Stabilization compared to undercutting can be very cost effective for your project. Stabilization will eliminate undercutting and replacing material as well as eliminating weather delays and extending your construction season.

Our Cementing process is used for one thing – stabilization. With a soil cemented base there is usually a cost savings in the base stone, and asphalt used.

Pleasants Paving has learned through experience that Cementing & Modification saves time and money, minimizes weather related delays and maximizes use of low cost on-site materials. In addition this process can permanently increase strength of subgrade, improve the ability to achieve proper compaction and enjoys excellent freeze-thaw resistance. This process chemically transforms soils to achieve a stabilized base.

To learn more about Pleasants Construction’s soil cement and soil stabilization capabilities please call 301.428.0800.