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Pleasants Featured on WFMD

May 6, 2016


Talk show host Bob Miller invited our own Rick Centra to be a guest on 930 WFMD, Frederick’s favorite news and talk radio station.

The conversation focused mainly on the wide variety of employment opportunities available not only with Pleasants Construction but also the entire range of Pleasant’s affiliated operations including C&D Recovery, Environmental Alternatives, Inc., Ritchie Land Reclamation, Reline America, Pleasants Development, Pleasants Paving, Ritchie Mulch, Tolson Rubblefill and Core Development.

Rick’s interview will air several times beginning next week including:

Monday, May 9 – approximately 8:40 AM
Tuesday – May 10 – approximately 8:50 PM
Wednesday – May 11 – approximately 8:50 PM
Thursday – May 12 – approximately 3:05 PM
Friday – May 13 – approximately 4:50 PM
Saturday – May 14 – approximately 7:50 PM
Sunday – May 15 – Approximately 4:40 PM

To learn more about employment opportunities click here.

Don’t forget to check out The Morning News Express With Bob Miller on 930 WFMD.